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The Laxmipur complex is the first and largest of all our projects.

There is a mosque, a three-storey orphan accommodation, two madrasa buildings and a separate dining hall, which accommodates 130 children at a time. There is also a separate four-storey building for our orphan girls. Furthermore, the complex has a large playing area as well as an area for growing fruits and vegetables which contribute towards the food provisions. The centre includes a pond too – where fish are harvested for eating as part of daily meals.

At present, we are caring for at least 310 children of which 60 are studying Hifz and around 63 are girls. Currently, we have over 600 students attending our madrasa, including children from the local community – a number which is increasing each year.

The development of a second five-storey building is underway. We also need an extension to the existing mosque as it is not enough to accommodate the growing number of students, and we also plan on extending the girls’ building further so we can take on more children in need.
The Bethmore Abdul Mazid Orphanage has been running since January 2009.

As you may recall, a powerful cyclone swept through Bangladesh on November 15th 2007 leaving devastation in its wake, along with widespread human suffering. Unfortunately, many children lost their parents in the cyclone and consequently a need to build an orphanage became apparent.

At present, the Abdul Mazid Orphanage accommodates around 163 orphan and poor students, all of which are studying Hifz. The complex consists of a new three-storey orphan accommodation
On the Indian Border near the state of Magaloy, there are two villages called Panbor and Dudnoy in Jinagati sub-district in the district of Sherpur. The inhabitants of the villages are snake charmers, travellers and tribal people. Charmers use snakes and magic shows as their form of income. The men stay at home while they send the women out all over the country to charm snakes and sell herbal medicine hence their family life suffers. They are alienated from the rest of the country who see them as outsiders. These people have no proper homes and their villages had no mosque or school.

An article in a daily newspaper highlighting the struggles of this community caught the attention of then chairman Hafiz Nisaruddin Ahmed. The idea of the Sherpur complex was born to enable the travelling community to live with dignity and to achieve their full potential through education and training. Our Sherpur complex includes a range of facilities such as a mosque, educational institutions, and vocational training centre, providing for people who have no proper homes. This was the first mosque and school in the surrounding area.
In 2014 we were kindly donated land in Sylhet, where we have drawn up plans for a major project to construct an Islamic centre that will comprise of a mosque, Madrasa and orphanage.

The orphanage officially opened in 2016 and currently we have 34+ students all studying Hifz. The complex includes a single storey accomodation, dining room, prayer room and a farming area.
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the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

"I and the guardian of an orphan will be in the Garden like these two." (His two fingers)

Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 133