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At present, we have 4 centres for the orphans and poor around Bangladesh

At The Orphans Shelter Foundation, we are committed to strengthening families and communities, and giving a voice and purpose to those in need. We prioritize children, as they are the future of society and our key to a better tomorrow.

Founded by the late Hafiz Nisaruddin Ahmed in 1984, our registered UK charity works to provide shelter, resources, and education to approximately 300 orphan and disadvantaged children through four projects in Bangladesh.



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Empowering orphans to create a better future.

At our orphanage, we are dedicated to supporting and guiding orphans as they grow and develop. We provide a safe and loving environment where they can learn and thrive, and work to give them the tools and resources they need to build bright and successful futures. Whether through education, career training, or simply the love and support of a caring community, we are committed to helping orphans build the lives they deserve in'sha'Allah.

Our Team

Alhamdulilah since the inception of the Orphan Shelter Foundation we have really progressed from our humble beginnings of supporting one orphanage in rural Laximpur with ten orphans to having four orphanages with over 500 children located all over Bangladesh. It is thanks to the generous support of all the donors and volunteers that we have steadily grown into an organisation who you can trust.

We aim to grow further and continue to support the orphans with the latest technology to aid their earning to make them meaningful members of society.
Alhamdulilah with your support, we endeavour to continue helping nurture vulnerable children into confident, intelligent and hopeful individuals.

May Allah give us the taufiq to continue with this good work. Ameen.

Najmus Sadat Ahmed, Chairman

Alhamdulillah, Orphans Shelter Foundation is a unique charitable organisation taking care of orphans, the poor and many other humanitarian activities. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: None of you has faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself (Sahih al Bukhari). Being inspired by this Hadith, OSF are working for the needy people and orphans in different rural areas of Bangladesh.

Our target is to spread our work across Bangladesh and then into other countries in’sha’Allah.

“Say, Indeed my Salah, my sacrifice, my life and my death all are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds” (6:162) May Allah accept our good intention, Ibadah and sacrifice. Ameen.

Dr Md Ziaul Haque, Vice Chairman

Our Committee

Chairman – Mr Najmus Sadat Ahmed
Vice Chairman – Dr Md Ziaul Haque
Secretary – Mrs Batul Haque
Treasurer – Mrs Asma Rahman


Mr Abdul Munaim
Mrs Hanaan Ahmed
Mr Hamza Ahmed
Mr Ammar Haque
Mr Jahan Latif
Mr Hafiz Anisur Rahman
Mr Ibrahim Ali
Mr Yaser Ahmed


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SORT CODE: 20-94-67

IBAN: GB 18 BARC 2094 6750 4566 83


The Prophet PBUH said:

'Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer'.